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Apple vs Android? Fortune vs Future

It happens once again, every year. Apple releases their new hardware and software updates and like a moth is drawn to the flame, I MUST see and experience what all the fuss is about.

I tried to love the iPhone when it was first released, but the fact that MMS didn’t work, battery life was abysmal, and it was lacking in multiple other categories (specifically security and encryption) it failed to replace my Blackberry. A year or so went on and with every new release and update more of my friends jumped on board the Apple train. Those with Sidekicks threw away their fun flippy keyboards and Blackberry users ditched their tiny screen all day battery life devices embracing touch-screen Apple goodness. sent from the Heavens. I assume many Windows Mobile users did the same as well though I can’t say I know anyone who ever used Windows Mobile.

It was the second iteration of the iPhone 4 that I once again was tricked into looking at the iPhone platform. The aggressive curves, glass body, smooth user interface, wonderful camera and all the other goodness they packed in that tiny little 4″ screen just called out to me. Watching Jonathan Ive, with his charismatic and soothing voice talk about this magical device made me lust to try the iPhone once again. After buying and using it for a few days, I went back to my Blackberry. Once again, battery life was the primary problem and I felt security was still not entirely addressed as well.

Fast forward to 2015 as we move into 2016. The iPhone 6s is all grown up. The hardware is pretty as ever and IOS has all of the features I have always felt the operating systems was missing to be a true Enterprise phone, including full encryption. So why with all of the issues (excluding battery) resolved can I not bring me to own such a device? Why can’t I just be like the other tens of millions of people? As I sat in the sterile white Apple Store showroom staring wide-eyed at the silver iPhone 6s sitting in my hand, I kept wondering “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I be like everyone else?”

That is when reality whacked me in the side of the head! Well, not really. It was some women who had just purchased a 27″ iMac and was attempting to navigate the horde of customers in the store all bedazzled by the Apple gadgets and gizmos that accidentally (or maybe purposefully) slammed her new toy into the side of my head. Regardless, it knocked something loose and I had an epiphany.

I cannot own an iPhone because it forces users to conform. The iPhone only allows you to interact with it in a specific manner and allows no customizability other than rearranging your little dancing application icons on your home screen, everything is inflexible! The operating system is right, you are wrong, accept it, move on. I am a USER (0444) and thus, should be treated as such. Like a child who’s parental unit knows better, let the iPhone decide what I should and should not be able to do.

The other problem I have with the platform is the lack of developer freedom and refusal to adopt specific hardware. Android manufacturers have been suing NFC for longer than I can remember and wireless charging has become mainstream. In fact, many Starbucks in Seattle actually have units built into tables that can wireless charge your mobile device.

I love using enhanced features such as Samsung and Android Pay. I use them at least once a day if not more. It makes things so simple as compared to rummaging through my wallet, selecting a credit card, swiping it (or inserting the smart chip side) waiting, and then having to sign (sometimes) and collect a receipt. How annoying is that and it’s soooooo 1990. Have we gone back in time because it sure feels like it?

Anyway, this was not meant to be a long post and surely not one to strike a debate at 5:41 am on a Wednesday morning. Speaking of, why the heck am I awake at this time anyway?