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Justice for Chunky – Stop people who abuse animals from owning ever again!

It’s no secret that I am an aminal lover. From dogs to squirrels, I love them all. I especially love dogs as they are selfless animals that bring joy to many and love humans unconditionally. They are well known to help individuals who are afflicted with emotional or mental suffering. They tend to always put our needs before their own.

To hear about what was done to this poor dog is disturbing and sickening. If children could be this cruel to an animal imagine what will happen when they grow to be adults. I imagine they are already suffering from mental disorders or will become psychopaths as they obviously have no empathy. Chunky didn’t deserve this, no animal or human does.

Cruelty to animals is just a stepping stone to cruelty to humans. The punishment that was issued to them doesn’t fit the crime and I can only imagine the psychological damage they have affected on this poor dog and the dogs owner. Further, I doubt this is the first time they have done something terrible like this. They were just unlucky to be caught this time. This is premeditated torture.

If you have funds I encourage you to donate, if you cannot afford to donate please, at least, sign the petition. Together we can make things change and prevent terrible things like this from ever happening again.

Also, I know this is hard to read and be exposed to, but please share with others so we can make a difference.